Around The World - 1977

by Mike Newman with help from Bill Garsden

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Back in early 1977 my life had sort of fallen apart. Boring job, marriage gone bad, and a failed attempt to buy a cabin in the woods in Mendocino, California. Inspired by a travel article in Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog and with counsel and encouragement from friend and colleague, Wes Little, I quit my job and took the cabin purchase down payment and started off from Los Angeles on a trip around the world. My plan was to head to London where I'd pick up one of the then-popular overland expeditions to Kathmandu.

I took a train from LA to New York in March of 1977 and then flew across the Atlantic. I ended up staying in England for a month, traveling a bit and working on a farm for a while; just waiting for the overland trip (run by Exodus Expeditions) to begin. The overland trip took about 77 days. Following that I traveled, mostly alone, spending the rest of my time in Asia. I arrived back in LA just after Thanksgiving, 1977. Presented here are just a few photos from that long trip.

A detailed look at the itinerary from Greece to Nepal: Itinerary

Click on England, below, to start the journey. Or, pick any other place you'd like to see. This page is the Introduction.

About the photos: The photos were originally taken on 5247 motion picture negative stock that had been repackaged into 35mm camera cassettes. My original "Around the World" website used low resolution scans of prints made from the negatives. Years later I had medium resolution scans made of the negatives. By that time the negative stock had deteriorated significantly. The emulsion had begun to chip away and there were significant changes in color. I have attempted to correct and restore the images. Sometimes I did well. Sometimes not. Here's an example: Photo Restoration

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