Around the World 1977 - India

Women Tend Their Yak

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The local diet seemed to consist of yak meet, barley "beer", some bread and some very foul tea with fermented yak butter floating on top. The people smelled like butter.

We had several encounters with the local people while we camped here. They were unhappy that we were using their poplar grove as a toilet. They asked us to take a dump in open territory rather than amongst their trees. They were also concerned about our use of their precious water, but finally agreed to let us use it.

In the ugliest incident some valuables were stolen from some of our tents. A delegation of us (of which I was a member) went from village to village in the valley to apologize for the errors of our ways and to ask for the stuff back. Some was returned and some not. At each meeting we had to eat flat bread and yak butter tea. It was all I could do to keep from gagging and vomiting.

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