Flights between North America and Asia often involve a layover in Narita, Japan. Since the international airport at Narita (New Tokyo International Airport) is far from Tokyo and in a country that seems impossibly expensive, travelers to Asia often seek advice about what to do during their hours, days and perhaps night in Narita. This page is geared toward folks who intend to stay in the vicinity of the airport, including nearby Narita City. However, there are links to information on traveling into Tokyo and elsewhere. Thanks to J. Sachs and Ken Heard who supplied many of the details in the early days of this effort. Other information has been gleaned from the Web and from my own personal experience. Any errors are my own.

Please note that I don't transit through Narita very often anymore, so this page is only as good as the feedback I get from travelers. If you notice an error or a dead link or wish to make a suggestion, please write me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.